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Past Retreats
1st-7th March 2020, Sisters Away, Sri Lanka.
12th-14th December 2019, Avendale, Wicklow, Ireland.
June 2019, Malaga, Spain.

Corporate Classes

Corporate Yoga and Breathwork classes can be a really lovely way to help staff relax and unwind at work. Classes involve gentle movements to help release the areas we all tend to get a little stuck in, while breathwork practices can help calm and soothe our often distracted and frazzled minds. More strenuous classes can be also be provided, as well as practices tailored specifically towards breathwork and mindfulness. Some of the clients Brian has provided corporate sessions for include Google, Stripe and Salesforce 

Private Classes 

Private lessons can be a really great way to learn a bit more about the practice of yoga and breathwork, while getting a program tailed made for you. Brian is available for private lessons that may focus on working on specific yoga asana, flexibility or mobility goals, handstands and arm balances, or breathwork lessons to help improve your breathing, which has long reaching benefits such as lowering stress, helping with sleep, improving physical and cognitive functioning 

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